By Daniel Vogel, Safety Specialist

Pasco Anglers is a club in Pasco County, FL that is dedicated to promoting youth fishing and education for individuals in grades 7-12. The anglers participate in monthly tournaments and the club has placed a premium on safety during these events. One of the main club rules requires all of the youth anglers to wear personal flotation devices (PFD’s) the entire time that they are onboard the boats. Much like the personal protection equipment (PPE) that our craft workers wear every day, their PFD’s need to be comfortable and allow for movement, but also be trusted to save lives if an unfortunate incident were to occur.

Vogel Bros. Building Co. heard that the club was looking for a sponsor to provide each of their anglers with low profile / inflatable life jackets that could comfortably be worn throughout the day. We understand the importance of comfortable fitting safety equipment that doesn’t hinder mobility. In appreciation of Pasco Anglers’ dedication to safety, Vogel Bros. donated new lightweight inflatable life jackets to all 13 members of the club. Providing proper PPE and specialized safety equipment – for those in the environment in which we work or those in the community in which we serve – is at the foundation of our belief that “all jobsite accidents are preventable.” Vogel Bros. was thrilled to help the Pasco Anglers, and we wish them luck in their future fishing endeavors!