By Vogel Bros. Safety Department

Excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction activities. In an effort to work safely around this risk, every year the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) – with full support of OSHA – holds a Trench Safety Stand-Down campaign in June. Vogel Bros. participates in this annual event because it offers an opportunity for us to talk directly with employees and all subcontractors on our job sites about the hazards and safety precautions associated with this work.

The June training couldn’t have come at a better time for one of our Florida jobs, because the crew was gearing up for a project consisting of extensive trenching and excavation activities. In addition to the hazards and safety precautions emphasized during June’s stand-down campaign, Vogel Bros. also lead on-site Trenching and Excavation – Competent Person training with the project’s crew. And prior to starting work, the Superintendent and Project Manager kept our workers in mind as they developed a detailed plan laying out how the project activities would be executed.

Thanks to our Superintendent’s detailed daily reports during the project, Vogel Bros. was able to capture some great pictures that show the progress of what a significant trenching project entails. For those who aren’t familiar with trenching and excavation, these pictures help bring to life the size and scope of this work and can be viewed on our Facebook page.

We want to commend Vogel Bros.’ Superintendent Joe Poulos and the entire crew on this project. They not only planned for and performed quality work, but they also executed the work safely.

Photo 1: Trenching & Excavation – Competent Person Training
Photo 2: Backfilling around wet well
Photo 3: Compacting, prepping bottom of pit with rock
Photo 4: Forms and rebar work
Photo 5: Installing slide rail system into the pit