Today Vogel Bros. Building Co. was joined by their honored guests to officially break ground on their new corporate headquarters on Madison’s Southeast Side. This is the fifth location in their 88 year history for the Madison-based, family-owned and operated business.

The 14,000 square-foot facility will allow Vogel Bros. to better meet their customers’ and employees’ needs. The company has operated out of their Packers Avenue location for the past 39 years. Success and growth has made the move to a new facility necessary. The expanded space will allow for improved services, the ability to embrace new technologies and opportunity to offer innovative solutions to their customers.

“By breaking ground on this facility we are writing a new chapter in our company history,” CEO and President Peter Vogel said. “We are building a place that’ll inspire and promote both personal and professional growth for our employees.”

Designed with the goal of supporting a collaborative, open-office space while offering both small gathering nooks and large conference spaces, the new office will draw people into a social working environment. The floorplan was specifically designed to optimize views to the outside and exploit natural daylight, and is a well-balanced assembly of open collaborative areas, closed meeting rooms, private offices, and flexible breakout spaces.

Vogel Bros. Building Co. is a fifth-generation construction services company that has called Madison home for 88 years. It was important to remain a Madison based company while continuing to offer the same quality construction services that fueled their success. There is a very strong sense of family and a tradition of excellence embedded in the company culture. In fact, a fifth-generation Vogel family member is one of the craft workers on site, and the site operations are supervised by a second-generation Vogel Bros. craft worker.

Construction on the new facility begins immediately and Vogel Bros. Building Co. staff expect to move by year end.