On May 5, what was planned as a Safety Talk at a local Vogel Bros. Building Co. jobsite turned into a surprise homecoming when laborer apprentice and US Army Reservist Tanner Buttke made a guest appearance.

Specialist Buttke is returning from a 12 month deployment and wanted to surprise his dad, Scott. Both Scott and Tanner are employed by Vogel Bros. Building Co., so Tanner called his supervisor and asked for assistance. Vogel Bros. was honored to help plan the surprise, and arranged an on-site Safety Talk.

Construction was paused and all the craft workers gathered to listen to Director of Safety and Human Resources Mike Schultz discuss Vogel Bros.’ beliefs which include “Our actions make a difference.” Schultz described how one employee in particular has truly embodied this belief by serving his country.

“The reason we’re really here today is to celebrate the actions of one of our employees who has really enhanced the lives in all of our communities,” Schultz said. “I want all of us to celebrate and welcome home Tanner Buttke.”

Tanner was hired by Vogel Bros. in 2015 and was in the middle of his laborer apprenticeship when he was called to active duty where he served as a Carpentry and Masonry Specialist in the US Army.

Watch video of the homecoming here.