By Vogel Bros. Safety Department

Vogel Bros. Building Co. values being a safe, ethical and caring company that is invested in our customer’s success. This statement is the culmination of a set of beliefs embraced by all Vogel Bros. employees. We believe that people are the key to our success, our actions make a difference, we are in charge of our attitudes, and all jobsite accidents are preventable.
To some, these values and beliefs may sound like lofty ideals that are easier said than done. If you’re going to “talk the talk” then you better “walk the walk.” So we like to take the time to recognize and share stories of our employees implementing these values and beliefs.

Vogel Bros. has a continuous presence on the campus of a company that has been a long time customer. The owner of this company also routinely has other vendors and specialty contractors working throughout the campus who frequently work in conjunction with Vogel Bros. workers, forging great working and personal relationships.

One of these specialty contractors was working independently on a non-Vogel Bros. project on the campus when he severely injured his shoulder. He was working all alone, but knew Vogel Bros. was working on their projects nearby. This specialty contractor called upon long-time Vogel Bros. superintendent Tim for assistance. Tim quickly responded to the injured worker and provided aid. It was determined the injury required medical attention, so Chris, a Vogel Bros. carpenter, drove the injured worker to the nearest medical facility to seek medical treatment.

According to The Associated General Contractors’ (AGC) 2016 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Report, “seventy percent of [construction companies] report they are having a hard time finding qualified workers.” Vogel Bros. is proud to be part of the other 30% and employ individuals who are not only skilled at what they do, but also live out the values and beliefs of this company.

Finding workers with these values and a “people-first” attitude can be hard to come by. Vogel Bros. is grateful for employees like Tim and Chris who selflessly came to the aid of another individual. Actions like this can only support our company mantra that Better People = Better Builders.