Recently, two superintendents from Vogel Bros. had the opportunity to attend the World of Concrete convention in Las Vegas. World of Concrete (WOC) is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry industry that showcases leading exhibitors of innovative products, machinery, equipment, new technologies, and safety training courses. It offers exposure to the suppliers and manufactures as well as provides excellent networking opportunities. Here’s what our superintendents had to say about the event when they returned.

Al B.
I have expressed interest in attending this event, and was excited to have the opportunity to attend this year. There were hundreds upon hundreds of exhibitors who offered a ton of knowledge and featured the latest products. My favorite seminar was by Jay Thomas, the VP of Structural Group Inc. He presented many techniques for concrete repair and strengthening. A large focus was based on the use of externally bonded FRP to add additional load capacity as well as structural repair. This is something I have never been exposed to or have seen so it was enlightening. Vogel Bros.’ commitment to continuing education for their employees is very apparent. In my nearly 20 years with this company I have been given many opportunities like this, and am extremely grateful.

Dan H.
When I was offered the opportunity to attend the WOF convention, I happily accepted the invitation. There were many interesting exhibits, but one in particular caught my attention because I thought it could directly provide opportunities for Vogel Bros. It was the “Backsaver” drill attachment. It’s a simple and relatively low cost solution to drilling dowels that will reduce chances of injury and can increase productivity. A seminar I found interesting was Jim Adrian of Bradley University’s “Increasing Jobsite Productivity – A 15-point Program.” He was extremely well spoken, educated and experienced. He identified realistic defects through studies on job sites and provided achievable solutions that can be applied and implemented for improvement. Thanks to Vogel Bros., I have had the opportunity to attend other safety training and certification programs. I appreciate that Vogel Bros. is dedicated to improving our employees by offering opportunities like this, and invested in advancing our company and our employees.