The construction industry has started to see an increase in the concept of lean construction. And while this concept is new to many, lean has long been a part of the culture at Vogel Bros. It’s always just been a part of who we are and what we do. The idea that better people equal better builders is a concept that has guided us since the beginning. Simply, this is just how we do business.

We promote our unique approach to lean construction as VOGELart. VOGELart empowers employees to manage and improve our construction process by reducing waste and unnecessary costs, and increasing value by focusing on the owner’s desired results. Successful implementation of lean construction requires adopting a way of thinking that results in identifying value and eliminating wastes through continuous improvement. Techniques are implemented to improve the process (and thereby the product) rather than focusing on the product (and not the process).

It is a fundamentally different approach and requires more persistence than just the basic application of tools. It is not a phase or a check list item that can be added to a company’s already existing process; but rather it requires consistently re-imagining and evolving workflows. Lean focuses on customer value that balances quality with cost, time and safety to produce the customer’s desired outcome. Embracing a lean approach in the construction industry drives efficiency on projects, enhances collaboration and improves outcomes. Our customers have appreciated the improvement in communication, coordination, cost and schedule performance through VOGELart.

We call it VOGELart, because that’s what our buildings are: works of art. Meticulously created by hand and by skilled craft workers who have, through experience and aptitude, reached a level of artistry in their craft. These artists aren’t just doing a job. They are creating masterpieces. Imagine what we can create for you!